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The firm.

OMADA / ομάδα / [omàda]: noun, greek. Team. Team spirit.

OMADA is the result of three entrepreneur lawyers meeting and taking the liberty to create a firm on their own terms.

OMADA supports and advises entrepreneurs and project owners at every stage of their structuring and development to make them stronger: more apt to anticipate legal issues, more convincing in the discussions with their various stakeholders, punchier and more credible in their negotiations.

We like our job, whether we do it alone, in pairs or in a team. We like to share it and pass the ball, preferably quickly. While we are constantly aiming for the right move, each of our steps is guided by efficiency and pragmatism.

Above all, OMADA is about shared values



Team spirit

Even though each of us wants to get to wear jersey number 10, we have no problem sharing it and passing it around. We  sure love and thoroughly enjoy victory days but the day after we are always back to work, running up and down the field to support the team.

High standards



No false remedies with us! We tell you what is doable and how; we also tell you what is not doable and why, always in your interest.



Thirst for knowledge

The more we learn, the more we realize we don’t know that much. What’s great about it is that it expands our scope of knowledge and the field of possibilities ahead of us. There’s no better way to renew our love of the job and our will to advise you at best.



Corporate /   Private equity / M&A

  • Choice of a status (e.g.: commercial company, ESS (fair and social company), ESUS (fair company with social utility), company with a mission, association)

  • Incorporation (operating company, holding company)

  • Organization of shareholders’ relations (shareholders' agreement, promise to sell)

  • Initial financing (current account advance)


Partnership / Structuring

Love Money, Seed, Series A, Series B…to the moon!

  • Due Diligence

  • French SAFE (BSA Air)

  • Convertible notes

  • Share capital increase

  • Drawdowns (capital calls from investors)

Financing / Investment

  • Employee stock ownership plan (founders’ warrants, warrants, stock-options, free shares)

  • Restructuring and expansion (share transfer, share capital decrease, creation of subsidiaries, group management, joint venture)

  • Amendments to the by-laws (transfer of the registered office, change of corporate purpose, transformation)

  • Management of governance and shareholders’ relations (appointment, resignation and compensation of officers and board members)

  • Negotiation and management of shareholder exits (including conflicts between shareholders)

  • Approval of the annual financial statements


  • Sale (acquisition of a majority interest, exit)

  • Acquisition

  • Dissolution/Liquidation

Sale / Transfer


Our fees.

Let’s talk about them!  

At OMADA, we do not swear by an “hourly rates only” approach.


Rather we like fixed fees, the amount of which is agreed upon with you and according to the features of the contemplated operation (e.g: number of counterparts, stage of development of the company, coordination with another counsel, number of employees…etc.).

Do you have a project in mind and want a quote? Just an idea? A question? A desire to meet with us? 


The team.


What makes her OMADA?

In a couple of words: sister to 2 brothers & resolute

The secret recipe that got her to OMADA: : a double portion of business school and law school with a Parisian, Moroccan and Breton dressing


And apart from Greek?

French and English




What makes him OMADA?

In a couple of words: explorer speaker scorer

The secret recipe that got him to OMADA : a big chunk of law between Paris and Chicago (via Ho Chi Minh City)

And apart from Greek?

French and English




What makes her OMADA?

In a couple of words: never gives in

The secret recipe that got her to OMADA :   a layer of law and a sprinkle of business school with a special Mediterranean flavor

And apart from Greek?

French, English and Hebrew



Image PNG-806898B8190D-1.png

What makes him OMADA?

In a couple of words: boxer, wrestler, coder.

The secret recipe that got him to OMADA : a slice of life packed with flavors from Armenia and Russia, and a healthy dose of French law between Strasbourg and Nanterre.

And apart from Greek?

Russian, Armenian, French, and English, no less!


Nous rejoindre

Join us.


You could be part of OMADA tomorrow. If you truly love the legal profession, if you like to think, find solutions, advise and support, then we should enjoy working together.

Feel free to get in touch so that we can schedule a meeting.

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